Really Good Architects

Below find a list of some really good architects and urban planners that we are aware of. Check back as we will add to this list as more come to our attention.

  • Anderson Kim Architecture & Urban Design
    Based in Chico, California and practicing nationwide, this firm specializes in residential and mixed use projects. View their portfolio online.
  • Curtis & Windham Architects, Inc.
    This firm is based in Houston, Texas. They approach each project in a way that is appropriate and responsive to its surroundings. Whether in a city, remote rural area, or anywhere in-between, their work is a thoughtful reflection of a particular place, culture, and client.They believe a well-planned building that is built to last generations and can adapt to change in function over time is sustainable by its very longevity. See their portfolio online.
  • Duncan Stroik
    Based in South Bend, Indiana, with projects nationwide, Duncan G. Stroik is a practicing architect, author, and Professor of Architecture at the University of Notre Dame. He is best known for his award-winning ecclesiastical designs. He also specializes in educational buildings and residences nationwide. View his portfolio online.
  • J Griffin Design, LLC
    Based in Tulsa Oklahoma, with projects world-wide, this urban design and architecture firm is  committed to partnering with their clients to make beautiful and enduring architecture and urban environments that are sensitive to the local character of a place. They approach each project with a careful understanding of its context, seeking through its appropriate scale, character, form, and materials to convey a sense of decorum and to enhance the unique identity of the local community. Learn more about them online.
  • Opticos Design 
    This award winning urban planning group is based in Berkeley, California, but works nationwide to design sustainable, livable communities and the buildings that support them. They pride themselves in generating unique, place-specific solutions. This firm has a deep expertise in Form-Based Code. View their portfolio and educational resources online.
  • Thomas Gordon Smith
    Based in South Bend, Indiana this firm is a leader in contemporary developments of classical architecture. Their expertise includes: museums, civic, ecclesiastical, residential, and educational projects.
  • McCrery Architects
    Based in Washington D.C. this firm has worked nationwide to bringing the principles of durable traditional architecture to bear in a modern context. Their portfolio includes civic, residential, institutional, liturgical, and urban design and planning projects. Visit their their blog to view projects currently under construction.

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